8 Signs You Are An Effective Communicator


Let’s face it — communication isn’t easy. If it were, life would be so much easier, both professionally and personally. We ALL want to master communication and be brilliant at it, but the reality is the majority of us couldn’t be further away from being master communicators. No, you say? You think you are an effective communicator? Well, all effective communicators have certain traits in common that make them so effective — check against the greats, they have all these qualities. How many do you have?


A huge part of being a great communicator is actually, surprise surprise, LISTENING! As Charlie Kaufman once said “ Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating”, and he couldn’t be more right!

Great communicators pay attention to what others have to say, and always take that into account. It’s not always about you. If you find yourself cutting people off or always thinking about what to say next instead of actually listening to the other person, you’re not a very good communicator!


If you’re someone people generally feel comfortable around, congratulations, you just might be on your way to being an effective communicator! When people communicate effectively, other people tend to be more comfortable around them and find it easier to approach them, because they feel like they will be listened to, and also that their needs will be addressed.


Great communicators are generally open-minded, in that they understand that not everyone they interact with comes from the same background as them, and therefore may not have the same ideas as them. This allow them to listen to and welcome the ideas of others and not be stuck-up that their perspective is the only and right perspective.


People mostly feel inspired and like they have gained knowledge, clarity, perspective or motivation after talking to an effective communicator. Even if you don’t sway audiences and motivate millions, even if you can make the difference in one person’s life by inspiring them, you’re on the right track to becoming an effective communicator.


The people who are best at communication are also extremely prompt in their communication. Whether it is returning phone calls, following up on a deadline, sending out an email, or even replying to a text or Whatsapp message, doing it promptly is a sign that you take communication seriously and value other people and their time. Being prompt might not seem that important, but it is what sets the average people apart from the great communicators.


A lot of people are “all talk” — which means, that they cannot be relied on. A good communicator knows that effective communication is to no end if your actions cannot be relied on to follow up the communication. If you promise to send an email, send. If you promise to catch up with a friend, follow up on that promise and set a meeting up. Effective communicators respect the trust people place in them and respond accordingly.


An excellent communicator also knows that everyone communicates differently, and therefore it is important to be patient and handle different kinds of people in the manner that best suits them. Understanding that different styles of communication exist, and that not everyone has the knowledge or privilege to be an excellent communicator, allows effective communicators to be patient and become better communicators themselves!


People with excellent communication skills know that it is very important to ask questions, but that it is more important to ask relevant questions and at the right time. Asking questions not only makes you seem more intelligent, but it shows that you were listening, and that you are involved with the communication — that it matters to you. The honesty and authenticity of that adds a layer of trust to your communication to make it more effective.

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